Before you purchase IDXSEO please review the following information and ensure you understand the IDXSEO requirements. Requirements include RETS MLS data access and fees to server hosting requirements.


Are You a Broker? Brokers typically are given free RETS MLS data access for their own website. The Broker's agents may or may not be charged fees to display the Broker's RETS MLS data on their websites. Brokers should contact the MLS to discuss if any fees are assessed by the MLS for RETS MLS data access. ALL RETS MLS or related MLS fees are your responsibility and not the responsibility of IDXSEO or Talega Systems LLC (herein called "Talega").

Are you a real estate agent? Ask your Broker for how your can have RETS MLS data provided to you. Your MLS should categorize Talega as providing support for your website. In some cases, the MLS will categorize Talega as a vendor and assess vendor fees. Any fees assessed to Talega will be paid by you. Talega typically has to be reviewed and approved by your MLS for RETS MLS data access.

Are you willing to ensure MLS data and display compliance? With RETS MLS data access, both you and Talega will be held responsible and accountable for ALWAYS being in MLS compliance with RETS MLS data and what data fields are permitted to be displayed by your MLS.

Any fees assess by your MLS for RETS Data access are paid by you.

IDXSEO is pre-configured for RETS MLS data fields including what fields are allowed to be displayed by your MLS. In purchasing IDXSEO, you are agreeing to not modify ANY IDXSEO RETS MLS data configuration, fields, field zones, statuses, historical data or fields designated to be displayed on your website.


A real estate agent/broker should contact the pertinent MLS boards for you and request a RETS MLS data feed. if your MLS board does not provide RETS MLS data feeds then IDXSEO won't be a solution for you. Most MLS boards however do provide RETS MLS data feeds.

The MLS board will provide a contract/application to the agent/broker to sign in order to become an “In-House Vendor”. This is an important step as how you define the services from Talega to your MLS to set up your website with IDXSEO can make a huge difference in the fees your MLS will charge you for RETS MLS data access. Usually your broker must approve RETS MLS data access for an agent requesting Talega vendor services with IDXSEO software solutions.

The agent/broker will be responsible for any fees, and proper filing of paperwork. When the MLS board approves the request, they’ll provide you with your RETS MLS data login credentials, typically via email. That email will need to be forwarded to

Note that planning for these steps is very important as it varies widely as to how soon your MLS will approve RETS data access and approve YOU as the In-House Vendor. 

Expect setup by Talega for your website, once RETS MLS data access is approved, to require 1-2 weeks depending on the complexity of your MLS compliance rules.


IDXSEO is priced on a per url basis. Each url is subject to Talega's monthly support and maintenance fees. Each url is separately licensed for IDXSEO and the license is activated and validated frequently by Talega. failure to pay monthly support and maintenance fees or attempting to use IDXSEO on a url not authorized by Talega will result in immediate termination of the license. Further use of IDXSEO if your account is terminated is prohibited and may be subject to civil and criminal legal action by Talega.


If you elect to host your own website using IDXSEO's suite of software products, the following minimum requirements must be met by your hosting service:

You need to have the following server settings/options configured:

php5.6x - tested up to - php7.0


cURL support = enabled

allow_url_fopen = on

=== Recommended settings for your -> php.ini file. If your hosting service won't allow these settings then you will have to change hosting services. We have a list of ones we can give you or you can use our hosting servers.

error_reporting = E_ALL|E_NOTICE|E_STRICT

display_errors = Offlog_errors = On

memory_limit = 256M

max_input_vars = 20000

max_execution_time = 300

max_input_time = 600

upload_max_filesize = 100M

post_max_size = 64M

And for using maps you'll need to go ahead and add these to the php.ini file as well

Storage space requirements:

A minimum of 4GB is recommended for server storage IF your MLS listing images are hotlinked or get_url accessed.

A minimum of 20GB if you plan to download listing images and 50GB if you include Solds.


Next you will possibly need to open up TCP ports if RETS connection fails and or you have any of these "Numbers" within your RETS connection url.

TCP - 6103 | 6160 | 8080


  • RETS MLS Data access, setup per your MLS compliance rules, confirmation your RETS access credentials are valid, RETS MLS data field configuration.
  • A basic WordPress website with the following pages and functions:
  • Home Page with menu
  • A Basic MLS Search page
  • A Basic MLS listings page
  • A Basic Full Detail Listing page
  • A Map Search Page
  • Optional Modules separately priced and licensed


You are responsible to ensure daily backups occur for your IDXSEO website. Talega suggests using both Amazon AWS S3 for remote backup services and Softaculous for local backup services.